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Sculptures & paintings

Johan van der Helm

Hand painted art, drawing and painting are in Johan’s genes, which was later refined with a graphic education and an education at the Art Academy. Many wanderings in the advertising world resulted in various choices in materials and techniques and beautiful projects. Making visual work is and remains a primary concern for him, which translates into contemporary art. Designing, creating and editing sculptures. Existing objects are amazingly transformed into a creative art sculptures. Sketches are also translated into a computer model, which is used as input for a 3d printer. This last development gives the possibility to make all conceivable forms into a physical sculpture.

Hand painted art

In the Artmax studio, brimming with inspiration and creativity, beautiful things are conceived and born. Every time an art object is finished, I’m in love and don’t really want to give it up. And that doesn’t happen immediately, I look at it again for days and improve … and improve. Objects are created with modern painting materials, up to and including the crystal-clear finish.

Commissioned artwork

Too bad if your favorite art object is sold. If you are looking for something similar, we have the option to make something similar for you. 
We can often make the same sculpture form again, even larger or smaller and provided with a comparable or completely different expression.


Johan van der Helm  –  Artmax

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